Friday, 10 June 2011

konflik dengan hujan, hingus dan lain-lain...

Dah berminggu rasanya Bath asyik hujan je.. sejuk kalah winter.
Tekanan tu tayah cerita la banyak mana - sebab dah ber-roll-roll habis tisu dengan hingus neh.24 jam rasa seram sejuk.. last2 telan panadol jugak.. boleh lah..takdelah baik terus. 

Hari ni hand-in kerje sekolah yang last untuk semester 2. The most stressful task rasanya yang ni. Nak muntah sebab rasa dok buat tak siap2..banyak sangat benda yang nak diconsider. Bila dah hantar tadi rasa nak loncat-loncat aje. Tapi lelah la pulak. Kat uni parade tu dah la sejuk nak mampus. Kensel lah. Nanti la tunggu baik sket. Lelah ni pun boleh tahan kerap dia. Hari-hari kena grill badan kat heater - just to get over the pain. Dah konfius dah..summer diorg macam ni ke..? dalam sebulan ada la kot 2 hari ja yang panasnya. 

Ingat nak enjoy lah dalam 3-4 hari. Nak duduk diam-diam tamau buat apa2. Hehe. Tapii.....konfius jugak awat still dok rasa bahang-bahang stress walaupun exam etc dah over. Tinggal dissertation je sekarang ni. Memang rasa nak bergulung ja dalam rumah. Tapi ezzah pulak ada sekolah.. Huhu..nak hantaq dia pi sekolah pon kadang-kadang rasa malas. Tapi sebab dah makin improve dia punya social skills dan bercakap, tak la rasa ralat sangat. Hari-hari dia sebut benda baru. Kalau kita nak ajar sendiri..tak tau la kurun ke bila baru nak boleh bercakap anakku ni.. mak ngan bapak dia pulak stok diaammmmm jer. spesis cakap dalam hati.. hahaha..

Dah busan ngan FB. Hari-hari nampak gambar makanan. Saja ja manusia-manusia ni letak gambaq karipap pusing la.. kuih lapis la.. hiii.. rasa memang nak nangis. tapi kalau nangis over makanan macam sadis la pulak. baik nangis sebab rindu kat mak, lagi berfaedah. Disebabkan tensen ngan gambaq masakan - maka tadi terai buat apam balik. belasah ja apa yang ada. Lempar gula ngan kacang ngan jagung.. pastu telan. ada la rasa apam balik yang tak pernah termimpi nak kena buat sendiri.. boleh lah.. dari takde lansung.. hehe. tapi standard la bila dah lelah tengah teruk, makan pun tak sekencang dulu.. takut tersedak - pastu muntah. buat letih ja masak.. hmmph..

Intann : Tak tau jugak nape tetiba cakap banyak sangat posting kali ni. Busan yang melampau kot.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Asal malas je..ada assignment..asal ada assignment ja..malas..; )

Baru terperasan, kalau tetiba rasa nak update blog, mesti masa tu tengah kalut nak kena siapkan keja sekolah. Hmmm..jahat betulla.. (sapa yang jahat..??) Masa tu la nak masak la.. nak kemas bilik la..nak lipat baju la.. nanti sendiri yang nangis bila due date dah dekat..*frown*

Intann : Am in a totall mess!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Bubbly-burpy-frizzy-Monday morning..

I woke up at half past 6 and walked straight to the lappy. Button switched ON, and there went 4 hours of korek-ing infos for my 1st report. Huh.. now am all frowned with slight headache and no surprise -- LAPAQ!

Hmm.. another set of whatever-we-have-left-in-the-kitchen shall be my next breakfast concontion. I have with me now --> telur goreng (2!) +bubur nasik+bihun goreng (both semalam punya)+lada+cili sos+(sweet-sweet) orange slices+ walkers chips+coke = ular sawa burp! 

Hmm.. sakan kan makan..? Good thing is - am still in my pyjamas. Ahaks. Mandi? Later lah.. who's there to see me, kan?

Back to Luton Hoo report!

xx DreamSnugger xx

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Been away, busy and miserable!

I know I haven't been in touch with this snuggy for quite some times - hope the title gives the whole picture of what had happened to me over the past 2 weeks. Ughh.. I'd rather not describe to you again how tired I was when we were in London, all I remember was my ventolin-puff can, and also me--dragging my feet here and there.. even so, that brief moment in Emirates Stadium does give me a pretty great feeling. *grin*..

Well, that grin didn't last long though. I don't remember - when was it that I received 2 mails from the council -- and there goes the greatest bummer of the month -- 2 traffic penalties! %$%#@%...!!!   I remember that day there were some road closures - and that was why we were detoured into bus lanes. Whatever. But I think I need this --->  *frantic screamm!*

And now, am back to being a student..right now tengah 'forcing' myself to siapkan 3 reports before 8th and 20th April.. Irda will wrap her 2-weeks-euro-trip at me house and I just want to make sure we have some momentous time together soon. Heheh..Shall we name our moment as "Finding Darcy..?" or.. "Road to Mr. Darcy.." Or..Should I just let out another scream?? Aghhh..! Can't wait..!

Got a favour from a dear friend, hope they know how much they mean to me...I don't know how to thank you.. God bless you my friend..

Intann : Feels like me courage has scattered all over the place.. think it's about time to collect ém all piece by piece.. to make me strong again.. 

xx  DreamSnugger xx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

We had a blast!

Happy 32nd Birthday to me. And of course Ezzah. She's 4.

I woke up at 6, feeling all excited and at the same time - panic! God knows how miserable I was the moment I stepped into my cold kitchen. I was like..standing still for 3 minutes -- not knowing which part of the cookings I need to start with first, but then, I managed to slowly sort things out. My stomach was all churned upside down, and everything that I tasted rasa tak sedap. That wasn't helping at all. I kept adding sugar, salt and asam to my curry -- in the end I gave up - and just let it be. I took so much time making the curry - and that left me with so little time to do the nasik goreng and condiments. Mr Papa was in charged of the BBQ chickens. He was, too, quite handful with the chickens-- he didn't have the time to focus on camera-ing! Once in a while we have to shout to Ezzah sebab dok melompat kat depan nuu.. Hee..

Dessert-table setting + the birthday girl
Hmm..dah pukul berapa tak tukar baju lagi

Everything was done at the very nick of time -- 1.30pm which was gila.. When Harry (Ridzwan) first arrived, I was still mencelur sayoq!

I didn't have time to even pat some bedak on my face. Wearing all black, I just grabbed the brightest tudung I have in posession and dashed down to meet and greet the guests. At 2pm, everyone was in my living room.

 Harry with the girls
(He said he's the supervisor with the kilang girls..jahat..haha)

You should take the look at Ezzah's face when all of the sudden - a huge wave of 'birthday presents' came to the doorway and being handed to her. She was startled - sampai tak sempat2 nak buka semua hadiah dekat pintu. Haha. I got presents too. Shun got me a book, Richard gave me a lovely baccio and Alice handed me her homemade cheese cake as promised. Am all excited!! 

Let's just let the pics do the bablings, okey..?
I will just paste my favourite pieces here - and upload everything in my FB account very soon. You can watch the summary of Ezzah's Party in YouTube video version - made by Ezzah's Uncle Harry semalam.. : ) --> see the link. ** Kish, you can see the results of my cooking in this video. Sorry tak sempat nak amik gambar!

The blue-butterfly cake

Makan-makan time

Full house! : )

The Saxtons - our lovely next door neighbours

Kids in the playroom

Cake & Candle Blowing Time!

The birthday girls
Sam - the most favourite guy next door. The Prom King. Haha..What a hunk!

My course-mates : Alice, Shun, me and Richard

Tiea, Safura, me and Imah (the masterchef!)

With Chloe, Andy, Joseph and Sam

With Hefni & Zetty

With Abg Rahim, Kak Ana, Hasya, Ahmad & Baby Kaisah

I had a wonderful day. I really do. I'm glad everyone was here. Eventhough I miss home terribly, but today did magically heal the sadness I had in its very own way. I was sincerely happy and moved by the event -- particularly the kindness and helps offered to me. Will cherish today forever. : ) 

Intann : For friends near and far, thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers. Thats the best gift after all. I love you guys! Thanks for everything.. 

**Mr Papa - I Love You. 
    Ezzah - You'll always be my baby.

xx DreamSnugger  xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hari yang penat..

Last night before going to sleep, I was bragging to Mr Papa that I would WAKE-UP REAL EARLY AND WALK to the post office and settle the car insurance stuff. Hmmph. It was him who didn't sleep at all. He ended up blaming the COSTA Caramel Coffee -- minum petang semalam (sebab sejuk sgt tak tahan!) and I was all snugged inside the duvet sampailah pukul 9.. there went my cita-cita tinggi nak berjalan.. and another stack of lemaks tesangkut. Hahaha..! 

Despite all laziness in the world I had this morning -- I managed to cook something. Hehe. Parcel ubat yang tokwan hantar dah sampai - but one of the santan powder pack was somehow torn -- and I had no choice but to cook ém straight-away. Maka terjadilah 'serawa pisang' yang sangat koboi.. just a combination of pisang, santan dan gula merah. : ) kan? sempoi kan?? daun pandan pon tak boh sebab baru ja habes -- sagu? hmm..jangan tanya lah kat sini..kalau ada pun mesti tak beli nya lah.. hehe.. 

Janji rasa sama.. : )

Ezzah was all clingy with me the whole morning -- so did when I was cooking. She's now becoming a bit more talkative than before, and everything that she sees coming with big-lettery-words, she would spell them out loud. Tak kira lah kat mana-mana. Selalunya she would stop and spell the sewage lid kat atas jalan. Pening betullah. 

Right after ambik gambar serawa (kat atas tu), I let her played with the camera. While dia dok sengih2 sambil sembang2 with me -- all of the sudden, nampak kamera je melayang -- and "PLOPP!" jatuh atas lantai.. Hmm.. tanya lagi..? Memang kena la member tuuuuu............... And this is her ---> 'sebelum' dan 'selepas' kejadian membaling kamera mama.

 Sebelum : sengih + ramah sembang

Selepas : gheyau..

Petangnye, lagilah penat. Misi meminjam large pot from Zetty -- but only to know that they were both kat uni sampai pukul 7. So, we decided to visit, I mean to actually enter the Roman Bath (free entry for Bath residents) -- to kill the time. The hot-water-spring pun tak boleh tanding sejuk hari ni.. We were freezing! Gila lah.. I was wearing 4 lapis baju - but still not warm enough. Kesian Ezzah, dia asyik ajak balik ja. But we need to get the pots hari ni jugak sebab esok sampai Friday - kelas penuh!

At about 8.30pm tadi, baru sampai rumah. Ezzah ngan papa dia terus pinsan tu ha.. 
Nak layan Heart FM dulu pulak lagu malam ni.. : ) Now on air --> Boyz to Men's End of the Road. And the memories roll! Nite-nite people. Penat la..

xx  DreamSnugger  xx

"When is it my party, Mama..?"

Everyone is in party mood now, I guess.

Ezzah has been surprisingly-soooo obedient lately -- I can simply tag the instructions along with the 'party' conditions in order to make her move. Just say 'birthday' or 'party' - and she's all up! Like, for instance;

Me : "Ezzah, let's go mandi - you don't want to be some stinky mushroom right before your party, do you..?" 
Ezzah : "Okkeeyyyy..!" You don't want to know how liat she was before this. Magic! Hahaha..

Here goes the pre-fun stuffs. : )

One of the birthday girl dengan invitation card nye
(bangun tido terus pegang kad...)

Card for her favourite (and the only one) friend-cum-sister di Bath -- Hasya
To the guys next door : )
General invitations to mama's & papa's friends
Barang2 party -- all set!
Ezzah dah main belon dah haa..
See you on Saturday. Can't wait..!

xx  DreamSnugger  xx